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Custom dress shirts without leaving home.

"The Poplin is a winner for me. Fit is exactly what I wanted in a skinny dress shirt!" - Adam C., Brooklyn NY

✓ Customer Experience First
✓ Intentional Manufacturing
✓ Premier Fabrics & Construction

Justin is 6'8" and scanned in the Decent Apparel app to get his perfect fit in The Poplin.

Scan in app then shop. Or shop then scan. Up to you!

The Decent Apparel app uses secure smartphone scanning technology to capture 200 measurement points in two minutes or less to create your custom size.

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Customize The Poplin to make it yours.

The Poplin is a plain weave cotton fabric that is lightweight yet maintains substance. It’s strong, crisp, and smooth. Customize the Collar, Cuff, Pocket, and Fit exactly to your liking. The image updates with your selections, so customize away!

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